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By harnessing our passion for continuous improvement and love of discovery, we solve technical challenges and provide previously unavailable industry solutions. Our efforts often transform manufacturing processes, providing our clients with disruptive competitiveness and new product offerings.

We have deep knowledge and a large portfolio of machine learning, adaptive process control modules, and AI application experience.


With a large portfolio of services, we provide fully-custom, integrated solutions to help you unlock production capacity, shorten down time, and optimize efficiency and resource management.


  • Site evaluations
  • Capacity audits
  • Strategic advisory of operational manufacturing development
  • Acquisition and divestiture support
  • Emergency technical response and troubleshooting
  • Project remediation and failed application recovery

Technology Developments and Applications

  • New process applications
  • Strategic process model development
  • Advanced kinematic, robotic and mechatronic manufacturing solutions
  • Application and licensure of machine learning (ML), adaptive process control, IoT and AI applications
  • Trade secret application and internal IP
  • Mobile and autonomous robotics, process, manufacturing and material handling applications


  • Industry 4.0 advocacy and development
  • Automation manufacturing industry advisory
  • Best practice and standardization development and professional accreditation
  • Leading regulatory modernization
  • Technical presentation and panel discussions
  • Digital twin technology

Here’s how our process works

Opportunity identification

First, we assess your operations and interview stakeholders to identify opportunities where we can increase operational efficiency. These audits involve a thorough evaluation of your facility, equipment, and processes to identify areas where improvements can be made. This can include everything from streamlining production lines to reducing energy consumption and waste.

We look at existing procedural documentation and interactions with operations, process equipment, maintenance, sanitation and facilities, scheduling and planning, R&D and product development, engineering, quality, finance, and logistics and transportation.

Scope development

Through post-audit review meetings and development of one-year, three-year, and five-year operational strategies, we identify opportunities where automation can increase productivity, improve quality control, provide accurate and automatic reporting, and generate the greatest cost savings.

Next, we’ll develop scope recommendations, ROI calculations, and capital planning and funding request documentation. You’ll receive a detailed report outlining our findings and recommendations for implementing changes.

Solution design and implementation

Implementation: We implement data-driven, statistically-measurable machine learning, lean automation, and advanced kinematic and robotic solutions by deploying the most appropriate platforms for long-term value.

Direction, training and support: Our team will provide appropriate strategic guidance, training, and ongoing support to ensure that your employees are fully equipped to benefit from, utilize and maintain the new technology and continuing opportunities revealed though intelligent manufacturing.

Measurement of results

We capture, measure, and visualize data at the source to provide you with accurate results measurement.

Our efforts are often transformative, providing disruptive competitiveness, expanded capacities, evolved processes and new product offerings.

Optimizing performance so you can gain the competitive edge

After a thorough auditing process, strategic implementation, and real-time insight into your data, you can expect:

  • Unlocked production capacity
  • More efficient processes
  • Improved consistency, quality, and yield
  • Shortened down time
  • Increased operational safety and compliance
  • Enhanced security and protection of vital assets

Your diverse needs require custom solutions 

We provide support to businesses in a range of industries, including:


With high safety standards and the need for precision and consistency, we strategically enhance quality control, improve efficiency and reduce the risk of defects and failures for the aerospace industry.

Energy Distribution & Storage

We ensure energy is available when and where it is needed by providing grid resilience and security through scalable energy storage, renewable collection, and intelligent distribution.


Transform your factory by unlocking production capacity with more efficient processes, shortened down time, and increased operational safety.

Food & Beverage

We help ensure consistent food and beverage product quality by optimizing every part of the production process, resulting in reduced costs, higher yields, and enhanced consumer safety and food security.

Warehouse & Distribution

By strategically developing and optimizing automated processes, we ensure greater efficiency, lower costs, and improved safety for an integrated and profitable supply chain.

Transportation & Logistics

We provide solutions that lead to better inventory management, improved route optimization, and enhanced visibility for the transportation and logistics industry.

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